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If you find anything suspicious, please call the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Omaha District, Public Affairs Office at
(402) 995-2417

After hours and holidays:
Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Department:
(303) 795-4711
(Central Dispatch)


This website provides the community with information about the work being done to address potentially hazardous military munitions* at the Former Lowry Bombing and Gunnery Range area as a result of prior military training. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Omaha District (USACE) is conducting this work to enhance public safety and reduce the risk these munitions pose to present and future users of the area. Information and opportunities for public involvement will be updated and posted regularly.

*Military munitions are described as all types of conventional and chemical ammunition products and their components, produced or used by the armed forces for national defense and security.

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For Your Own Safety

Never touch, remove, or disturb any munition or suspected munition items!

3 “Rs” of Munitions Safety :  Recognize, Retreat, Report

  1. Recognize it: Munitions come in many shapes and sizes:
    Some will look new while others will look old and rusty.
    Some will look like bullets or bombs and can be small or large in size.
    Some will look like pointed metal pipes, soda cans, small balls, or even an old car muffler.
  2. Retreat from it: If you found something that could be a munition, leave it alone and leave the area. It does not matter how old, rusty, new, or shiny the item may look, munitions are dangerous and could injure or kill you. Don’t take any chances – leave it alone.
  3. Report it: If you found something that could be a munition, report what you saw and where you saw it to the USACE (402-995-2417) or Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Department (303-795-4711). Reporting it can save another person from injury or death. Report anything you think could be a munition.  

A copy of the 3Rs Explosive Safety Guide prepared for the FLBGR is available for download.

Leave the handling of munitions to the trained experts who can assess the item and make the area safe.


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