Restoration Advisory Board

An Open Invitation to Community Members and Neighbors of the Former Lowry Bombing & Gunnery Range, Arapahoe County, Colorado

The Former Lowry Bombing and Gunnery Range (FLBGR) Restoration Advisory Board (RAB) would like to invite interested community members and neighbors to attend the next RAB meeting to learn about the project and possibly become a member of the RAB. 

The FLBGR, formally known as Buckley Field, is located in Arapahoe County, approximately 20 miles southeast of Denver and adjacent to the city of Aurora, Colorado.  The FLBGR was established on approximately 59,000 acres (92 square miles) of land acquired from the City and County of Denver in 1937.  Portions of the FLBGR served as munitions training areas for over 40 years. 

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and its contractors have been conducting investigation, characterization, and clearance activities at the FLBGR for over 10 years to remove unexploded ordnance (UXO) and munitions debris from known bombing targets, impact areas, and demolition sites.  For more information about project activities, visit the Administration Record located at the Aurora Public Library, 14949 E Alameda Parkway, Aurora.

The FLBGR RAB is composed of community members residing in vicinity of or affected by the FLBGR, regulators, stakeholders, and Federal, State, and Local agency representatives.  This RAB serves as the primary forum for public, regulatory, and government agency information exchange and input into FLBGR activities.  Community participation on the FLBGR RAB is important to ensure that the restoration work is performed in a cooperative, open, and transparent manner.

We encourage you to attend the FLBGR RAB to learn about the project and how to get involved.  The Board meets on the third Wednesday evening of every April and October. 
We look forward to hearing from you and appreciate your participation.

Ryan Field
Restoration Advisory Board Co-Chair


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